Hi Everyone!

With school well underway now, tryouts are just around the corner. This can be quite the process for both the coaches of the team and the athletes trying out. It is a day/weekend full of different emotions from nervousness to excitement to exhaustion. Whether you are a returning veteran or a new rookie trying the make the team, there’s a lot of things that can be done to give yourself an extra edge and make yourself stand out from the rest!

Some teams have 45 people tryout, and others have over 100.  It all depends on the program that you are trying out for. Even in a group 15 individuals it is easy to get lost in the crowd. That why I have come up with a list few things that I know my team and others look for and what has caught their eyes when looking for new members of the team!

  1. Come Prepared! There is nothing worse than having an athlete show up and not have the proper attire or items they need for the tryouts. With social media nowadays, most team post what you need to bring for tryouts, in addition to information about tryouts. When in doubt find the teams email and ask them any questions through email!
  2. Look Ready. When it comes to cheerleading especially, it is important that you look like you will when you ae performing. When coaches are looking for athletes at tryouts, they want to see that you put in the effort for this process and they want to see what your style is. Having your makeup and hair done like you would for games or competitions helps you stand out from those that just showed up in whatever. Tips: where a primers underneath your makeup and use a setting powder or spray to make sure your makeup doesn’t move and DEFINITELY invest in some hairspray
  3. Do your research. Before going to the tryouts, research the program. Find out more about their coaches and captains. Look into how the team has done in previous seasons; lots of teams post on their Facebook pages or YouTube accounts videos of their previous routines. Make sure that before you go in, you know that this team will be a good fit for you and write down a list of questions you may have! As a captain, this year’s tryouts for my team I was approached by many athletes with questions about the program and how I deal with being a student and an athlete.
  4. Be involved. Whether you are waiting on the side for it too be your turn to go across the floor or you ate learning apart of the routine, look interested. There is nothing worse than look at athletes talking on the side and not paying attention to what is happening around them. There is always questions that you can ask or something you can go over with another athletes instead of standing around.
  5. BE CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! this is a huge on for me. For years my motto has been “Fake it, till you make it”. Even if you aren’t the best of the best or you are struggling with something, if you look confident in yourself and continue to look happy, the coaches will notice that you can still perform even if you are messing up.

So there you go! Five tips to help you stand out on tryout day. I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they do this school year, and I hope you all achieve the goals you have set 🙂

Life is pretty crazy for me right now. I am going to do my best to post again this month (fingers crossed). Until then, try not to stress too much about the first month of university, and like I said above, fake it till you make it.


Much Love,

Haille May


A Student Athlete’s Schedule

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready to start the school year! Obviously sad summer is over, but I am a nerd that LOVES school so I am so excited.

I finally have my school schedule and my cheer schedule worked out and it is going to be a busy year. Between early morning practices and my clinical hours, I am definitely going to have to use my time management skills.

When trying to figure out how to put two schedules together (maybe three if you work), it can be really stressful thinking about how life is going to pan out. It may seem like it is going to be lot to handle, but student athletes are special people. We have figured out for almost our entire school career (high school included) how to balance our school work and our athletics. It is possible to do it and be successful, you just have to keep your life balanced.

I don’t know about even one else but my family is always concerned that I’m doing too much or that I am not focused on my studies. I swear the end of every phone call is “and don’t forget about school” or “and don’t try to do too much”. I love my family more than anything in this world so it is important for me to make sure I can do everything that I can do while still maintaining as much sanity as a university student can.

So in the wake of receiving all the schedules you’ll need for the need 8 months, I going to share a few quick tips on how I keep my calendar organized and running smoothly!

  • Agenda/Day Planners: my agenda is was SAVED me last year. I wrote down everything in from school projects, to my work shifts, to practices. It is extremely helpful when planning to do anything or even just reminding yourself of the things you have going on. Here are some tricks for keeping your agenda organized and ready to go!
    • Buy an agenda that fits your needs. There are many different types of day planner/agendas so make sure that you get one you’ll love but that you can also write in.
    • Colour coding: have different colours for different events in your life. Have one colour for school work/projects/presentations, one for work shifts, and one for any of your athletics like practices, games, tournaments/competitions.
    • REMEMBER TO LOOK AT IT!!! Write it down is one thing, but if you put it on your desk and leave it there for the semester there might be some problems.
    • Write down when you want to do homework. I found that for me I could look at my schedule and think “okay I don’t have anything to do that afternoon, lets dedicate that to doing homework”. That way I knew I would have an entire afternoon open to be able to finish my work.
    • Don’t forget about your friends. If it means you have to write it into your planner to remember that you and your friends want to have lunch together one day then do so! Friends are important, we all need them.
  • Calendars: In addition to my day planner, I also have a monthly wall calendar in my room. On this calendar is where I write big events and competitions that I have so that I remember what I need to do before hand for this events and if I need to go to my job and book the time off.

There are my tips for having a day planner! You can buy them at any Chapters/Indigo Stores, Walmart, Staples, or any store that sells paper product will usually have them. Or even online if you can’t find anything in stores. If you have any other tips or comments or questions let me know! I would love to hear them!

Haille May

PS: Here are some day planners/calendars!

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Work by Rihanna… Actually, Me

Hi guys!

So this post is going to be talking about work and working over the summer. For a lot of student athletes, their schedule to so hectic it is really difficult to find a job and therefore they don’t work during the academic year. When summer rolls around its time for student athletes to find a job as soon as possible and start works as much as possible so that they don’t have to worry financially during the year. However, this can be, socially, difficult for many individuals as their summer is now spent mostly working rather than being with their friends.

When it comes to trying to find a job for the summer, location is a huge factor. In one of my previous post I wrote about how I had moved back home trying to find a job and ended up being unsuccessful and having to move back to my university town to work.

There’s a lot of factors that influence getting hired in a hometown when students only spend four months there. The biggest thing is that if a student already has a job they know they can go back home to, they have that opportunity to go home. It will take some trial and error. Look at me for example, I went home couldn’t find a job and ended up moving back to my university town. That is all okay. There is no wrong way of doing things, there are different paths that people can take to reach their goals.

Secondly, when finding a job for the summer a lot of students try to find a job that is in their field of study. A lot of my nursing friends are working as healthcare aides, and employed student nurses to continue their learning throughout the summer. On the other hand, beggars can’t be choosers. I went back to my hometown in hopes of working as a healthcare aide and that didn’t end up happening and I need to change the direction I wanted to go for this summer. Now,  I am working in my university town at a restaurant and there are a lot of pros to having that job as well.

Just because you aren’t working in your field of study over the summer and your peers are, doesn’t mean that when September arrives, you’ll be behind. You’ll start in the same place again and end learning the same things. That is what a curriculum is for.

Finding a job over the summer and working constantly to save up can be really hard for some people. As student athletes, if we can juggle our academics, athletics, and social lives, we can handle working hard over the summer break.

If you have anymore comments, questions, or tips on working over the summer and creating a balance being work life and social life, let me know! I would love to hear about what you guys think.

Much Love,

Haille May


Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I posted last but I have big news to share.. I have been named as one of the captains on my cheer team! I am so excited for the upcoming season.

Now that I am a captain, there is more of a commitment to the team and more responsibility given to me. Not will I be going into the 2017/2018 year as a captain but I will also be entering my second year (and hardest year) of the nursing program.

I will be taking on a lot this year, but I know I can handle it. It going to be a lot of planning and organizing my life and schedule but it can be done! Just have to remember all the tips and tricks I learned in high school balancing two jobs, school, and my dance life.

So this being said, I am going to this year will even more to look forward to. I cannot wait to continue to grow as an athlete on my team and learn as a captain; I am excited to learn and excel in my school work and enjoy the best of both worlds. I started this blog to share my views and thoughts on what it is like being a student athlete and I am looking forward to continuing to share my journey with all of you.

Well that’s is all for today! I will write again soon. Probably about work life during the summer (because currently, my work life is my social life :/)

Much love,

Haille May

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Hey Everyone!

I know its been a while since I have posted. Weirdly enough, my life got pretty hectic after school ended. Between moving back to my hometown, trying to find a job, and visiting with all my friends, it was almost as hard as balancing school and sports (jk that was definitely easier)! Trying to find a job was the most difficult. I had to try to decide if I wanted to stay in my hometown and pray that a job would come up or if I should go back to my university town and find work there. Well, here’s is the story of how I made up my mind.

Currently, the province where my hometown is located is going through a MAJOR depression. We were a huge Oil and Gas influence in my country and one day it all came crashing down. And since then, students have been battling with people who are working to support families to get part time work.

When I went home back in May, I was hoping to work as a Health Care Aide (Care Aid, Nursing Attendant, its a job with many titles). After applying a many different job postings and still not hearing anything, I resorted back to my old high school job of bussing tables. It wasn’t until almost a month of being home that I learned that the Health Care Service Agency in my province currently has a ‘lock down’ (meaning they are not hiring any new staff) on all their hiring. So I had spent several hours applying to jobs that no one would even be hired for. Great Right?

So now it is mid-June, I am only getting 1-2 shifts a week at my bussing job since it is overstaffed (gotta help everyone) and it simply is not enough for me to pay my rent in my uni town. It was then that I knew I was going to need to make a choice. Do I try and pray and wait for a job in my hometown? Or do I try to find a job in my uni town?

I ended up getting an interview and eventually a job serving at a restaurant in my uni town. It was a really difficult decision to move back since I love being with my family but it was the best option for me.

Fast-forward to now. I have moved back and already started my new job. It sucks but I know that this will be the best move in the long run.

When it comes to difficult decisions, like my dilemma of moving or staying; I always do a pros and cons list. I always helps me put things into perspective and brainstorm what will be the best for me. I also think about my current situation and what will benefit me the most in the future. But that’s me! Everyone makes this choices differently. It can be a pros and cons list, a coin flip, or a number between one and ten. All that matters is that the end result is happiness and ultimate comfort in the decision that was made.

I will post again soon!

Much love,

Haille May



Post Season = Improvement Time 


The semester is over!

Exam session is done and some athletic programs are done for the year. But just because its off season, doesn’t mean we should take the season off…

This is the time to improve.

For a lot of us, summer as always been a time to sit back and relax. I know that’s how it was for me. But now that I am an athlete, and plan on returning for year 2, I know that the summer is not the time to sit back, but rather to come back better. It is so important to continue training and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the off-season because it the effort that you put in during that time will show when the season starts.

This summer, I will be training with a cheer gym in my hometown and I could not be more excited. I know that not only will it keep me in good shape, but I will also learn so much more and I will be ready to go starting September. This new team is pretty intense, so I know slacking off in the summer won’t be an option. My goal for the summer is to come back in September better and stronger than ever before.

So there’s my challenge for you! Set a goal that you want to achieve by September. Come up with three different ways that you are going to help yourself reach that goal and shoot for the stars. Throughout the summer, check in will yourself and your goal and make sure you keep on track.

That being said… Summer is Summer! Have fun, go to the beach, travel, or whatever sings to your heart. Just keep that goal in mind and remember the fall semester is closer than you think 😉

If there are any questions or suggestions about fitness, health, or even just life itself, let me know!

Have a fabulous summer!

Much Love,

Haille May


End of The Season

Hey Everyone!

Well the day finally came for my team. The last day of the season. A day filled with rejoicing over accomplishments and school achievements, but also a day were tears are cried since the graduates are moving on and starting a new chapter of their life.

I am going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible since this day it about celebrating, not reading a blog. One of my cheer captains was selected to say a speech on behalf of all the graduating athletes, and one thing she said really stuck with me:

‘These four years go by fast, and one day you will look back,  remembering the times of being in school and while being an athlete. There will always be something your coach has said or the way they said that will stick with you forever. Take those words, remember them, and use them to fuel you and inspire you to do the best you can.”

This being my first season of being a student athlete, I could not be more grateful to have been blessed with the most amazing coaches and captains. I know that in the following years, I will remember the words the retired athletes told me and what my coaches have said me.

Take this information how ever you’d like, think about it further, thank a coach, inspire others. But remember what they said, and never forget how truly phenomenal a person has to be to be both a student and an athlete.


Much Love,

Haille May

When We Fall..

Hello Everyone!

I know its been a while since my last post, its late midterm season on top on comp season so it has been a bit stressful. And that is why I am writing today.

Between extremely physically challenging practices and an increasingly heavy workload I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. It has begun to be a bit difficult trying to balance this crazy type of lifestyle while maintaining sane. During times like these, I know, speaking from experience, it can feel like the only solution is to quit.

People quit things for many reasons: injuries, family issues,  finances, scheduling, and because things get too hard. For some, being stressed and overwhelmed is a feeling that is not dealt with very well. I have always been the kind of person that thrives during stressful times (which is probably why I decided nursing would be a good career path), but for others, its the beginning of the end of the world. Everyone is different, and no two people will deal with situations the same way.

This morning I had the most challenging practice of my entire life. My coaches pushed our team to the absolute limit and it was physically and mentally demanding. Not only was I exhausted but the only thing I can truly rely on being confident, my jumps, wasn’t even hitting. I have never felt so discouraged and on the brink of crying before. Of course in hindsight, I understand how beneficial these intense practices are, even thought there were moment that I am ready to tell my coaches I hate them and walk out. P.S I love my coaches more than ANYTHING. I am so grateful for everything they do for me and the team (Shoutout to Meag and Mik). But no matter how many times I struggle or fall, I always pick myself back up and carry one.

However, I have begun to notice that there are people that don’t get back. They sit on the floor, stressed and crying wondering ‘why am I doing this to myself?’ Not going to lie I ask myself that question quite often. Why don’t I just quit cheer and focus solely on school? But I always go back to why I don’t. I love the sport and I couldn’t imagine leaving it.

We get pushed. No matter where we are in life, we will be pushed to the limit. We will fall down. We will get back up and get pushed right back down again. It does not matter how many times we crumble to ground, what matters is how many time we build ourselves back up. Work hard while the competition is resting. We are all capable of reaching every dream and goal we have, it just depends on how hard you want it.

I wanted to share with you a video. It is just over six minutes long. My coaches decided to share it with us just before our first competition. This video spoke to me on so many levels, which is why I felt it should be shared with you guys as a reminder to why we do what we do as student athletes.

(Retrieved from YouTube. Credits to Mateusz M for this inspirational video. Check out his channel for some more motivating videos)

We will get pushed. No matter where we are in life, we will be pushed. We will fall down. We will get back up and get pushed right back down again. It does not matter how many times we crumble to ground, what matters is how many time we build ourselves back up. Work hard while the competition is resting. We are all capable of reaching every dream and goal we have, it just depends on how hard you want it.

I know this post is a bit long but I hope that it speaks to everyone and anyone who is down.

Lastly, I wanted to do a big shout out to my coaches. I know on behalf of myself and my team that we are so grateful for everything those two do for us. They expect the best from us and train us like none other so that we can feel confident when we hit the mat.

Much Love,

Haille May

Competition Season !

It has arrived! Well for my team anyways.

We are heading into our second competition this weekend, ready to leave it all on the mat again and I could not be more excited. That being said, March happens to be one of the busiest times for school. This is when that time management skill really helps a student athlete out.

Being in the nursing program I have to juggle my classes and clinical practice with my cheer schedule. Some days I am ready to throw it all away and give up and others I am absolutely on top of the world. It is SO important to manage time and create a system that works best for you so that you can do your best in school and on your team. I know I used to struggle trying to balance my time, and get everything done on time and have it actually be good quality. Here are some good tips and tricks to help keep a crazy life manageable!

  • To Do List:
    • These are my favorites! I have found that it really helps me find time to accomplish everything when I have written down what needs to be done. I have used just a simple notepad and taped it to my wall, but I do know that Michaels sells actually To-Do List notebooks (they are pretty cool, but more on the pricey side)
  • Agendas:
    • Like the To Do List, I find that having an agenda helps me remember when I have class, practice, or due dates and it gives me an opportunity to visually see what I am doing and when; this way I can sketch in when during the day or week I can start working on tasks that need to be done so I am not stressing the night before the deadline.
  • Develop Good Study Habits:
    • Everyone studies differently and in university it can take a while to find what works best. Try different methods like writing out notes, making cue cards, talking it out, and use what was best later! It takes a while so don’t get discouraged, and some classes might need to have different study habits than others but that’s okay! I also love doing some of my studying with a group of friends from class. This was it gives us the chance to ask questions, get a deeper understanding of the topic and you get to hang out with your friends a bit. BONUS!! P.S. don’t forget to take breaks –> food  & rest = brainpower
  • Bring Homework on the Road
    • All of my teammates are in university as well, so we are all in the same boat and can respect the fact that we need to get work done. Bring work to do while travelling and it lessen the stress cause its not being done last minute Sunday night, but it also gives team the chance to be together but not stressing about competition the next day or what happened the day before. I absolutely love studying with my teammates. We are all in our respective programs and it gives us a chance to hangout outside of cheer.


    • This is capitalized because I find this is one of the MOST important things. Since more sports schedules are made in advance use that as an advantage to coordinate how due dates fall into games and events, and start/finish assignments in advance so there is not late-night cram because something is due while you ae gone. It is better to get it done sooner than later.

There are some few tips, any questions or more suggestions, leave them down in the comments!

Good Luck to all the teams hitting the mat in the next couple weeks!

Much Love,

Haille May

Reading Week = Self-Care Time 

Hey Everyone!
So reading week is here, and for some it’s the start of a nice relaxing week off of school to catch up on some work and for others, like my cheer team, it’s time to get amped up for comp. But before we hit the mat, we have a couple days off to get organized, prepare for competition season, and focus on some self-care.
Self-Care is like it sounds: it’s caring for yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. As a student and an athlete, life gets super busy and blocking time out just for yourself is very important to keep you from burning out.
Self-care can be in the form of going for a walk, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, going to the gym, or anything you can imagine that gives peace and a break from a crazy busy life; I call it an escape. It can be hard to find time to have to yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t!
I have figured out that by scheduling in my ‘self-care time’ makes it easier for me to get that time to myself. Scheduling and time management is so important to student athletes and it has to involve alone time too!
So over the next week, try having a self-care moment! It may seem odd to be taking an hour to yourself when life is so crazy, but your mind and your body need the time off and why not test it out over reading break! Below I have added some of my favourite products I use for some of my self- care techniques.
Mercy by Jodi Picoult

The Help by Kathryn Sockett

3-Wick Candles from

Bath and Body Works 22.50 

(Tip: these usually go on sale quite often so I suggest waiting until then to buy them $$) 

Face Masks:

Baléa Face Masks from 

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P.S I strongly recommend putting cucumber on your eyes is makes it feel so much more relaxing 😊

Happy Reading Week

Much Love

Haille May