Reading Week = Self-Care Time 

Hey Everyone!
So reading week is here, and for some it’s the start of a nice relaxing week off of school to catch up on some work and for others, like my cheer team, it’s time to get amped up for comp. But before we hit the mat, we have a couple days off to get organized, prepare for competition season, and focus on some self-care.
Self-Care is like it sounds: it’s caring for yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. As a student and an athlete, life gets super busy and blocking time out just for yourself is very important to keep you from burning out.
Self-care can be in the form of going for a walk, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, going to the gym, or anything you can imagine that gives peace and a break from a crazy busy life; I call it an escape. It can be hard to find time to have to yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t!
I have figured out that by scheduling in my ‘self-care time’ makes it easier for me to get that time to myself. Scheduling and time management is so important to student athletes and it has to involve alone time too!
So over the next week, try having a self-care moment! It may seem odd to be taking an hour to yourself when life is so crazy, but your mind and your body need the time off and why not test it out over reading break! Below I have added some of my favourite products I use for some of my self- care techniques.
Mercy by Jodi Picoult

The Help by Kathryn Sockett

3-Wick Candles from

Bath and Body Works 22.50 

(Tip: these usually go on sale quite often so I suggest waiting until then to buy them $$) 

Face Masks:

Baléa Face Masks from 

Shoppers Drug Mart 

P.S I strongly recommend putting cucumber on your eyes is makes it feel so much more relaxing 😊

Happy Reading Week

Much Love

Haille May


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