Competition Season !

It has arrived! Well for my team anyways.

We are heading into our second competition this weekend, ready to leave it all on the mat again and I could not be more excited. That being said, March happens to be one of the busiest times for school. This is when that time management skill really helps a student athlete out.

Being in the nursing program I have to juggle my classes and clinical practice with my cheer schedule. Some days I am ready to throw it all away and give up and others I am absolutely on top of the world. It is SO important to manage time and create a system that works best for you so that you can do your best in school and on your team. I know I used to struggle trying to balance my time, and get everything done on time and have it actually be good quality. Here are some good tips and tricks to help keep a crazy life manageable!

  • To Do List:
    • These are my favorites! I have found that it really helps me find time to accomplish everything when I have written down what needs to be done. I have used just a simple notepad and taped it to my wall, but I do know that Michaels sells actually To-Do List notebooks (they are pretty cool, but more on the pricey side)
  • Agendas:
    • Like the To Do List, I find that having an agenda helps me remember when I have class, practice, or due dates and it gives me an opportunity to visually see what I am doing and when; this way I can sketch in when during the day or week I can start working on tasks that need to be done so I am not stressing the night before the deadline.
  • Develop Good Study Habits:
    • Everyone studies differently and in university it can take a while to find what works best. Try different methods like writing out notes, making cue cards, talking it out, and use what was best later! It takes a while so don’t get discouraged, and some classes might need to have different study habits than others but that’s okay! I also love doing some of my studying with a group of friends from class. This was it gives us the chance to ask questions, get a deeper understanding of the topic and you get to hang out with your friends a bit. BONUS!! P.S. don’t forget to take breaks –> food  & rest = brainpower
  • Bring Homework on the Road
    • All of my teammates are in university as well, so we are all in the same boat and can respect the fact that we need to get work done. Bring work to do while travelling and it lessen the stress cause its not being done last minute Sunday night, but it also gives team the chance to be together but not stressing about competition the next day or what happened the day before. I absolutely love studying with my teammates. We are all in our respective programs and it gives us a chance to hangout outside of cheer.


    • This is capitalized because I find this is one of the MOST important things. Since more sports schedules are made in advance use that as an advantage to coordinate how due dates fall into games and events, and start/finish assignments in advance so there is not late-night cram because something is due while you ae gone. It is better to get it done sooner than later.

There are some few tips, any questions or more suggestions, leave them down in the comments!

Good Luck to all the teams hitting the mat in the next couple weeks!

Much Love,

Haille May


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