Post Season = Improvement Time 


The semester is over!

Exam session is done and some athletic programs are done for the year. But just because its off season, doesn’t mean we should take the season off…

This is the time to improve.

For a lot of us, summer as always been a time to sit back and relax. I know that’s how it was for me. But now that I am an athlete, and plan on returning for year 2, I know that the summer is not the time to sit back, but rather to come back better. It is so important to continue training and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the off-season because it the effort that you put in during that time will show when the season starts.

This summer, I will be training with a cheer gym in my hometown and I could not be more excited. I know that not only will it keep me in good shape, but I will also learn so much more and I will be ready to go starting September. This new team is pretty intense, so I know slacking off in the summer won’t be an option. My goal for the summer is to come back in September better and stronger than ever before.

So there’s my challenge for you! Set a goal that you want to achieve by September. Come up with three different ways that you are going to help yourself reach that goal and shoot for the stars. Throughout the summer, check in will yourself and your goal and make sure you keep on track.

That being said… Summer is Summer! Have fun, go to the beach, travel, or whatever sings to your heart. Just keep that goal in mind and remember the fall semester is closer than you think 😉

If there are any questions or suggestions about fitness, health, or even just life itself, let me know!

Have a fabulous summer!

Much Love,

Haille May



End of The Season

Hey Everyone!

Well the day finally came for my team. The last day of the season. A day filled with rejoicing over accomplishments and school achievements, but also a day were tears are cried since the graduates are moving on and starting a new chapter of their life.

I am going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible since this day it about celebrating, not reading a blog. One of my cheer captains was selected to say a speech on behalf of all the graduating athletes, and one thing she said really stuck with me:

‘These four years go by fast, and one day you will look back,  remembering the times of being in school and while being an athlete. There will always be something your coach has said or the way they said that will stick with you forever. Take those words, remember them, and use them to fuel you and inspire you to do the best you can.”

This being my first season of being a student athlete, I could not be more grateful to have been blessed with the most amazing coaches and captains. I know that in the following years, I will remember the words the retired athletes told me and what my coaches have said me.

Take this information how ever you’d like, think about it further, thank a coach, inspire others. But remember what they said, and never forget how truly phenomenal a person has to be to be both a student and an athlete.


Much Love,

Haille May