Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Hey Everyone!

I know its been a while since I have posted. Weirdly enough, my life got pretty hectic after school ended. Between moving back to my hometown, trying to find a job, and visiting with all my friends, it was almost as hard as balancing school and sports (jk that was definitely easier)! Trying to find a job was the most difficult. I had to try to decide if I wanted to stay in my hometown and pray that a job would come up or if I should go back to my university town and find work there. Well, here’s is the story of how I made up my mind.

Currently, the province where my hometown is located is going through a MAJOR depression. We were a huge Oil and Gas influence in my country and one day it all came crashing down. And since then, students have been battling with people who are working to support families to get part time work.

When I went home back in May, I was hoping to work as a Health Care Aide (Care Aid, Nursing Attendant, its a job with many titles). After applying a many different job postings and still not hearing anything, I resorted back to my old high school job of bussing tables. It wasn’t until almost a month of being home that I learned that the Health Care Service Agency in my province currently has a ‘lock down’ (meaning they are not hiring any new staff) on all their hiring. So I had spent several hours applying to jobs that no one would even be hired for. Great Right?

So now it is mid-June, I am only getting 1-2 shifts a week at my bussing job since it is overstaffed (gotta help everyone) and it simply is not enough for me to pay my rent in my uni town. It was then that I knew I was going to need to make a choice. Do I try and pray and wait for a job in my hometown? Or do I try to find a job in my uni town?

I ended up getting an interview and eventually a job serving at a restaurant in my uni town. It was a really difficult decision to move back since I love being with my family but it was the best option for me.

Fast-forward to now. I have moved back and already started my new job. It sucks but I know that this will be the best move in the long run.

When it comes to difficult decisions, like my dilemma of moving or staying; I always do a pros and cons list. I always helps me put things into perspective and brainstorm what will be the best for me. I also think about my current situation and what will benefit me the most in the future. But that’s me! Everyone makes this choices differently. It can be a pros and cons list, a coin flip, or a number between one and ten. All that matters is that the end result is happiness and ultimate comfort in the decision that was made.

I will post again soon!

Much love,

Haille May




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