A Student Athlete’s Schedule

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready to start the school year! Obviously sad summer is over, but I am a nerd that LOVES school so I am so excited.

I finally have my school schedule and my cheer schedule worked out and it is going to be a busy year. Between early morning practices and my clinical hours, I am definitely going to have to use my time management skills.

When trying to figure out how to put two schedules together (maybe three if you work), it can be really stressful thinking about how life is going to pan out. It may seem like it is going to be lot to handle, but student athletes are special people. We have figured out for almost our entire school career (high school included) how to balance our school work and our athletics. It is possible to do it and be successful, you just have to keep your life balanced.

I don’t know about even one else but my family is always concerned that I’m doing too much or that I am not focused on my studies. I swear the end of every phone call is “and don’t forget about school” or “and don’t try to do too much”. I love my family more than anything in this world so it is important for me to make sure I can do everything that I can do while still maintaining as much sanity as a university student can.

So in the wake of receiving all the schedules you’ll need for the need 8 months, I going to share a few quick tips on how I keep my calendar organized and running smoothly!

  • Agenda/Day Planners: my agenda is was SAVED me last year. I wrote down everything in from school projects, to my work shifts, to practices. It is extremely helpful when planning to do anything or even just reminding yourself of the things you have going on. Here are some tricks for keeping your agenda organized and ready to go!
    • Buy an agenda that fits your needs. There are many different types of day planner/agendas so make sure that you get one you’ll love but that you can also write in.
    • Colour coding: have different colours for different events in your life. Have one colour for school work/projects/presentations, one for work shifts, and one for any of your athletics like practices, games, tournaments/competitions.
    • REMEMBER TO LOOK AT IT!!! Write it down is one thing, but if you put it on your desk and leave it there for the semester there might be some problems.
    • Write down when you want to do homework. I found that for me I could look at my schedule and think “okay I don’t have anything to do that afternoon, lets dedicate that to doing homework”. That way I knew I would have an entire afternoon open to be able to finish my work.
    • Don’t forget about your friends. If it means you have to write it into your planner to remember that you and your friends want to have lunch together one day then do so! Friends are important, we all need them.
  • Calendars: In addition to my day planner, I also have a monthly wall calendar in my room. On this calendar is where I write big events and competitions that I have so that I remember what I need to do before hand for this events and if I need to go to my job and book the time off.

There are my tips for having a day planner! You can buy them at any Chapters/Indigo Stores, Walmart, Staples, or any store that sells paper product will usually have them. Or even online if you can’t find anything in stores. If you have any other tips or comments or questions let me know! I would love to hear them!

Haille May

PS: Here are some day planners/calendars!

Scatter Dots Planner

Kate Spade New York 17-month Medium Planner in Scatter Dots CDN$34.00 (Chapters)



Day Planner 2.jpg



Studio Oh! 17-month Deluxe Large Planner in Rose Gold  CDN$24.00 (Chapters)


wall calendar.jpg

Andrew + Blaine LTD 17-month Oversized Wall Calendar- Classic CDN$24.95 (Chapters)







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