Hi Everyone!

With school well underway now, tryouts are just around the corner. This can be quite the process for both the coaches of the team and the athletes trying out. It is a day/weekend full of different emotions from nervousness to excitement to exhaustion. Whether you are a returning veteran or a new rookie trying the make the team, there’s a lot of things that can be done to give yourself an extra edge and make yourself stand out from the rest!

Some teams have 45 people tryout, and others have over 100.  It all depends on the program that you are trying out for. Even in a group 15 individuals it is easy to get lost in the crowd. That why I have come up with a list few things that I know my team and others look for and what has caught their eyes when looking for new members of the team!

  1. Come Prepared! There is nothing worse than having an athlete show up and not have the proper attire or items they need for the tryouts. With social media nowadays, most team post what you need to bring for tryouts, in addition to information about tryouts. When in doubt find the teams email and ask them any questions through email!
  2. Look Ready. When it comes to cheerleading especially, it is important that you look like you will when you ae performing. When coaches are looking for athletes at tryouts, they want to see that you put in the effort for this process and they want to see what your style is. Having your makeup and hair done like you would for games or competitions helps you stand out from those that just showed up in whatever. Tips: where a primers underneath your makeup and use a setting powder or spray to make sure your makeup doesn’t move and DEFINITELY invest in some hairspray
  3. Do your research. Before going to the tryouts, research the program. Find out more about their coaches and captains. Look into how the team has done in previous seasons; lots of teams post on their Facebook pages or YouTube accounts videos of their previous routines. Make sure that before you go in, you know that this team will be a good fit for you and write down a list of questions you may have! As a captain, this year’s tryouts for my team I was approached by many athletes with questions about the program and how I deal with being a student and an athlete.
  4. Be involved. Whether you are waiting on the side for it too be your turn to go across the floor or you ate learning apart of the routine, look interested. There is nothing worse than look at athletes talking on the side and not paying attention to what is happening around them. There is always questions that you can ask or something you can go over with another athletes instead of standing around.
  5. BE CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! this is a huge on for me. For years my motto has been “Fake it, till you make it”. Even if you aren’t the best of the best or you are struggling with something, if you look confident in yourself and continue to look happy, the coaches will notice that you can still perform even if you are messing up.

So there you go! Five tips to help you stand out on tryout day. I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they do this school year, and I hope you all achieve the goals you have set 🙂

Life is pretty crazy for me right now. I am going to do my best to post again this month (fingers crossed). Until then, try not to stress too much about the first month of university, and like I said above, fake it till you make it.


Much Love,

Haille May